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David Frye

Born: 1934 AD
Currently alive, at 87 years of age.
Nationality: American
Categories: Comedians, Entertainers, Impersonator

1934 – Born – June, in Brooklyn, New York, is an American comedian, specializing in comic imitations of famous political figures – mostly American. Often compared to fellow impressionist Rich Little, he is best known for his comic depictions of former U.S. Presidents, L.B.J and Richard M. Nixon.



1962?-65 – Frye remained far from the national eye, performing in Greenwich Village clubs at night while working as an office cleaning service salesman during the day. The turning point came in 1965 when he began to put an impression of Robert Kennedy into his act at the Village Gate. 



1966-1973 – Does imitations on well known variety shows and TV Talk shows, mainly of U.S. Presidents,

and other TV political figures and some actors, such as Cagney, Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, Nelson Rockefeller Ed Sullivan, Jerry Lewis, and others.



       -Frye also did an impression of William F. Buckley Jr. which, while spastic and exaggerated, greatly amused the late Firing Line host.



1968 – Frye, a master Nixon-impersonator, he was one of the hottest comedians during that turbulent administration. Honing his craft in nightclubs and on several comedy concept recordings, including New First Family. 



1967-1970 – he was guesting on the shows of Johnny Carson, Merv Griffin, Ed Sullivan, the Smothers Brothers, and the short-lived CBS variety series of African-American woman all-around entertainer Leslie Uggams.



1990’s – he’d turned his attentions to Bill Clinton on the album Clinton: An Oral History, in the late 90’s.