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Daubenton, Louis Jean Marie

Born: 1716 AD
Died: 1800 AD
Nationality: French
Categories: Naturalists

1716 – Daubenton was born at Montbard (Côte d’Or), on the 29th of May.


1741 – He graduated in medicine at Reims, and returned to his native town planning to practise as a physician.


1742 – Buffon invited Daubenton to assist him by providing the anatomical descriptions for that work.


1744 – He was appointed keeper and demonstrator.


1775 – Daubenton lectured on natural history in the college of medicine.


1783 – Lectured on rural economy at the Alfort School.


1799 – Appointed a member of the senate, but at the first meeting, which he attended, he fell from his seat in an apoplectic fit.


1800 – He died after a short illness on 1st of January at Paris.