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D'Anthes, Georges Charles

Born: 1812 AD
Died: 1895 AD
Nationality: French
Categories: Military Officer

1812 – Born on the 5th of February in Colmar, to a French royalist émigré family.


Introduced into St. Petersburg society by the Dutch ambassador to the court, Baron Heeckeren.


Received an anonymous letter, which nominated him to the Society of Cuckolds.


1837 – D’Anthès married Ekaterina, but on 10th of February d’Anthès shot first, mortally wounding Pushkin in the stomach. Pushkin, who had fought several duels, managed to rise and shoot at d’Anthès, however, only lightly wounding him in the right arm.


D’Anthès departed from Russia shortly after Pushkin’s death.


1895 – Georges d’Anthès died on 2nd of November.


Lover of Natalya Goncharova.