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Damien [de Veuster], Joseph

Born: 1840 AD
Died: 1889 AD
Nationality: Belgian
Categories: Humanitarian, Missionaries

1840 – Born on the 3rd of January in Tremeloo, Belgium.


1858 – Joined the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary and taking Damien as his name in religion.


1863 – He went out as a missionary to the Pacific Islands.


1864 – Reached Honolulu in March, and was ordained priest in Whitsuntide.


1873-1889 – Cared for lepers on island of Molokai.


1885 – He stricken with leprosy.


1889 – He died of leprosy on the 15th of April in Island of Molokai, Hawaii.


1995 – Beatified by Pope John Paul II, having a feast day of May 10th.