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Da Cunha, Maria do Carmo Miranda

Born: 1913 AD
Died: 1955 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Actresses, Dancers, Singer

1909 – Carmen Miranda was born in Marco de Canaveses, in Portugal on February 9th. Her birth name is Maria do Carmo Miranda da Cunha, which was derived from her godmother’s name, Maria do Carmo Pinto Monteiro.

1916 – At the age of seven, Carmen started attending the Santa Teresa School in Lapa, Rio de Janeiro, which had been built for the poor children of the region.

1923 – When Carmen was 14, her sister Olinda caught tuberculosis. Since the treatment was expensive, Carmen started working in a tie shop to help pay for medication.

1926 – At the age of 17, Carmen already had acting in mind. She would perform at family parties and participate in some small motion pictures.

1928 – Aníbal Duarte, a Brazilian Member of Parliament, who used to have lunch at the small Inn run by Maria Emília Miranda, introduced Carmen to Josué de Barros. Josué worked at a local radio station, where he took Carmen to sing. He wanted to listen to her voice on record, so he introduced her to the director of the Brunswick record company.

1929 – She recorded her first song – the Samba Não vá Simbora, with lyrics by Josué. Carmen was later introduced to the director of another record company RCA Victor, where she started her career recording Dona Balbina and Triste Jandaia. A few months later she recorded Barucuntum and Laiá Ioiô.

1930 – On August 1st, Carmen Miranda signed a two year contract with record company RCA Victor with all-exclusive rights, including the use of Carmen’s image in add campaigns and in the release of her records.

1932 – Carmen appeared in her first movie O Carnaval Cantado no Rio by Vital Ramos Castro production.

1939 – On May 4th, she traveled to the United States with her band Bando da Lua.

1940 – 20th Century Fox approached Carmen and invited her to star in the movie Down Argentine Way in New York.

1947 – She worked for United Artists, who released Copacabana. Carmen sang the famous song Tico-tico no fubá.

1955 – Carmen had a heart attack and died while taking off her make-up. David found her lying on the bathroom floor. She died on August 5th in Beverly Hills, California.