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Crazy Horse

Born: 1842 AD
Died: 1877 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Chief

1842 – Tasunko Witko was born in Rapid Creek, South Dakota.


1850-1860 – His reputation as a warrior grew, as did his fame among the Lakota. Little written record exists because the Lakota were oral historians and had no written language.


1865 – Became the leader in his people’s defiance of U.S. plans to construct a road to the goldfields in Montana.


1866 – He participated in the massacre of Captain William J. Fetterman and his troop of 80 men as well as in the Wagon Box fight, both near Fort Phil Kearny, in Wyoming Territory.


1867 – On the 2nd of August, he participated in the Wagon Box Fight near Fort Phil Kearney.


1868 – He refusing to honor the reservation provisions of the Second Treaty of Fort Laramie, Crazy Horse led his followers to unceded buffalo country, where they continued to hunt, fish, and wage war against enemy tribes as well as whites.


1876 – On the 17th of June, he took part in a surprise attack on Crook in the Rosebud valley, in southern Montana, forcing Crook’s withdrawal.


1877 – He died before midnight, making it 5th of September. According to the Oglala Sioux, he died after midnight, making it 6th of September. It is also said that he died 2 days later which would make it of 8th of September. The monument located at the spot of his death says 5th of September. Each year the Oglala Sioux meet at the spot of his death on the 6th of September.


1982 – Appears on postage stamps, USA, Scott #1855 (13 cents, issued 15-Jan-1982)