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Corrado di Suburra

Born: 10XX AD
Died: 1154 AD
Nationality: Italian
Categories: Popes

         – He was a Roman named Corrado di Suburra (or della Suburra), son of Benedictus.

1111 – Pope Paschal II appointed him cardinal priest of Sta. Pudenzia.

1126 – Honorius III made Corrado cardinal bishop of Sabina.

1130 – Was one of the most determined opponents of Anacletus II.

         – He was vicar for Innocent III.

1147 – Corrado served as Eugene III’s vicar.

1153 – Appointed as pope Anastasius IV.

         – He had a long career in the church before his election to the papacy.

         – As pope, Anastasius sent Nicholas Breakspear (later Pope Adrian IV) to Scandinavia to organize the church and maintained peaceful relations with the commune that controlled Rome.

1154 – Died on December 3rd and was succeeded by Cardinal Nicholas of Albano as Adrian IV.