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Coronel, María Fernández

Born: 1602 AD
Died: 1665 AD
Nationality: Spanish
Categories: Nuns

1602 – Born on April 2nd in Agreda, Spain. Spanish abbess, nun and mystic. 1620 – She took her vows as a Franciscan nun. 1627 – Became abbess of a Franciscan monastery in Agreda, retaining this office, except for a brief period. 1643 – King Philip IV of Spain visited María, initiating a correspondence that was maintained until her death. Their letters dealt with spiritual and political matters and form a rich source for historians on Philip’s reign. 1670 – Her best-known work is The Mystical City of God, a life of the Virgin Mary ostensibly based on divine revelations granted to María. 1665 – Died on May 24th in Agreda. 1681 – The letter was placed on the Index Librorum Prohibitorum, but the ban was lifted afterwards; Spanish theologians maintained from the start that most of the opposition arose from a misunderstanding of the Spanish texts.