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Corbin, Paula Rosalee

Born: 1966 AD
Currently alive, at 54 years of age.
Nationality: American
Categories: Victim

1966 – Born on September 17th in Lonoke, Arkansas. Sued Bill Clinton for sexual harrassment.

1991 – Was a clerk for Arkansas Industrial Development Commission.

         – Jones accused Clinton of luring her to a Little Rock hotel suite during a state conference on May 8, when she was a $4.93-an-hour state clerk and he was governor of Arkansas.

         – Married to Stephen Jones on December.

1994 – She filed civil sexual harassment lawsuit against Bill Clinton for allegedly having made improper sexual advances in Excelsior Hotel in Little Rock.

1998 – The case was eventually settled in November for $850,000.

2000 – She posed naked for Penthouse.

2001 – Married to Steven Mark McFadden  on October 27th.