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Cooper, Chris

Born: 1951 AD
Currently alive, at 70 years of age.
Nationality: N/A
Categories: Actors, Radio Host

1951 – He was on the 9th day of July this year in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.


1969 – He graduated from Southwest High School.


1980 – He appeared on Broadway in "Of the Fields Lately.”


1983 – He is off-Broadway in "The Ballad of Soapy Smith" and "A Different Moon’


1989 – He has been featured in the mini-series "Lonesome Dove"


1990 – He is a vegetarian, and says the last meat he ate was a burger at Wembley prior to the 1990 FA Cup final.


1991 – He appeared in include Guilty by Suspicion.


1995 – He also appeared in Money Train.


1996 – He appears in his third John Sayles movie Lone Star (1996), where he plays Sam Deeds, the sheriff whose lawman father becomes a posthumous suspect in a murder investigation.


1999 – He is a Plymouth Argyle supporter, and his commentary went around the world when Plymouth lost at Carlisle this year to keep Carlisle in the Football league, when their goalkeeper Jimmy Glass scored in injury time.


2005 – He was commentator for several major games including the Champions League Final in 2005, and was a talkSPORT commentator in the 2006 World Cup in Germany. In addition, he turned down the role of James Gordon in Batman Begins.