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Conway, Thomas

Born: 1734 AD
Died: 1800 AD
Nationality: French
Categories: Military Officer, Soldier

1734 – Thomas Conway, born on the 27th of February in Ireland. He was a French soldier from Ireland who served as a major general in the American Continental Army during the Revolutionary War.

1777 – He volunteered to the Congress for service in the American cause.

       – An introduction from Silas Deane, the Congress appointed him a Brigadier General on the 13th of May, and sent him on to George Washington.

       – Congress appointed him a major general anyway in December, and made him inspector general of the army.

1778 – He tried a ploy that had worked before his promotion, and submitted his resignation to Congress in March.

       – John Cadwalader shot him in a duel on the 22nd of July. When he recovered, he wrote an apology to Washington and returned to France.

1793 – He fought with royalist forces in opposition to French Revolution in southern France. Their loss forced him to become an exile from his adopted country.

1800 – He returned to Ireland and remained there until his death this year.