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Colonel Robert Green Ingersoll

Born: 1833 AD
Died: 1899 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Lawyers

1833 – Born in Dresden, New York on the 11th of August.

         – He served as Illinois Attorney General.

         – He spoke on every subject, from Shakespeare to Reconstruction, but his most popular subjects were agnosticism and the sanctity and refuge of the family. He committed his speeches to memory although they were sometimes more than three hours long. His audiences were said never to be restless.

1884 – His speech, nominating James G. Blaine for the Presidential election, resulted in Blaine receiving the Republican nomination.

1893 – Colonel Bob Mountain in Washington state was named after him by the climbers who discovered the peak.

1899 – Died on the 21st of July, Ingersoll died from congestive heart failure, aged 65. Soon after his death, Clinton P. Farrell, a brother-in-law, collected copies of Ingersoll’s speeches for publication.