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Cleveland, Frances

Born: 1864 AD
Died: 1947 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: First Ladies

US wife of Grover Cleveland


1864 – Cleveland, Frances was born in Buffalo, New York on the 21st of July.


1886 – Married Grover Cleveland, despite 27 years’ difference in age-and there the wedding took place on the 2nd of June, making them the first and only first couple to be wed in the executive mansion.

she was 21 and he was 49. They had 5 children


When Frances Folsom became Mrs. Cleveland, she took over the duties of being White House hostess, and her charm won her popularity. She held two receptions a week-one on Saturday afternoons, when women with jobs were free to come. Cleveland’s sister Rose Cleveland had been her bachelor brother’s hostess in the first 15 months of his first term of office. After her brother’s marriage, Rose gladly gave up the duties of hostess for her own career in education.


1888 – After losing the U.S. presidential election, the Cleveland’s lived in New York City, where baby Ruth was born. With his re-election, the First Lady returned to the White House as if she had been gone but a day. People took keen interest in the birth of Esther at the mansion in 1893, and of Marion in 1895. When the family left the White House, Mrs. Cleveland had become one of the most popular women ever to serve as hostess for the nation.


1930’s – She held numerous public receptions and her hairstyle and clothing were widely imitated, and was active in poor relief during the Depression.


She remained a figure of note in the Princeton community.