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Cleopatra VII

Born: -690 AD
Died: -300 AD
Nationality: Macedonian
Categories: Queen

Egyptian ruler


queen of Egypt 051b-030b


co-regent with Ptolemy XII 051b-049b


deposed by Ptolemy XII 049b-048b, but reinstalled by Julius Caesar following Caesar’s defeat of Ptolemy XII 048b


sister and co-regent with Ptolemy XIII 047b-044b


mistress of Julius Caesar, living with Caesar in Rome 046b-044b


returned to Egypt and murdered Ptolemy XIII 044b, establishing Ptolemy XIV Caesarion as co-regent


after battle of Philippi 042b, met Mark Antony and initiated love affair


wife of Mark Antony 036b


with Mark Antony, defeated by Octavian at battle of Actium 031b, fleeing upon imminent defeat and prompting flight of Mark Antony


unsuccessfully attempted to seduce Octavian


suicide (according to legend, by the bite of an asp), to avoid being captured by Octavian and being forced to grace Octavian’s triumph in Rome


daughter of Ptolemy XI