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Clarence Thomas

Born: 1948 AD
Currently alive, at 71 years of age.

1948 – Born in Pin Point, Georgia on the 23rd of June.

1975 – When Thomas read Race and Economics by economist Thomas Sowell, he found an intellectual foundation for this philosophy. The book criticized social reforms by government and instead argued for individual action to overcome circumstances and adversity.

1984 – Thomas has one child, Jamal Adeen, from his first marriage. This marriage, to Kate Ambush, and go divorce.

1991 – He was the Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.

1974-1977  – He was Assistant Attorney General of Missouri under then State Attorney General John Danforth.

1976 – He left to become an attorney with Monsanto in St. Louis, Missouri.

1979-1981 – He returned to work for Danforth as a Legislative Assistant. Both men shared a common bond in that both had studied to be ordained Danforth was to be instrumental in championing Thomas for the Supreme Court.

1981 – He began his rise through the Reagan administration.

1981-1982 – He served as Assistant Secretary of Education for the Office of Civil Rights in the US Department of Education.


         – He was chairman of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.


1990 – Chairman of the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

         – He later attended an Episcopal church with his wife, but returned to the Catholic Church.


         – He was the judge on US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.


1991 – He was the Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.

1991 – On the 8th of July, President George H.W. Bush nominated Thomas to replace Thurgood Marshall who had recently announced his retirement. Marshall had been the only black justice on the court.