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Born: 1746 AD
Died: 1817 AD
Nationality: African
Categories: Educators, Lecturer, Professors, Teacher
1746 – Born on the 11th of April in New Market, New Hampshire. 1765 – He purchased his first parcel of land from his father. 1767 – He was an established landowner, educated, and held a pew in the meetinghouse. – He married 17-year-old Mary Davis of Durham, New Hampshire. 1776 – Along with 162 other men, he signed the Association Test. 1777 – He served under Colonel John Langdon in a select company of "men of rank and position" called "Langdon’s Independent Company of Volunteers" to bolster the Continental Army at the Saratoga Campaign. 1817 – Died from typhus fever on the 8th of March.
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