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Charles of Austria

Born: 1771 AD
Died: 1847 AD
Nationality: English
Categories: Archduke

1771 – Born on September 5th. He was adopted and raised in Vienna by his aunt Marie Christine of Austria and her husband Albert of Saxe-Teschen.

1795 – Served on the Rhine.

1796 – He was marked as one of the greatest generals in Europe due to his conduct of the operations against Jourdan and Moreau.

1797 – Arrested the victorious march of General Bonaparte in Italy.

1799 – Opposed Jourdan and invaded Switzerland.

1802 – The diet of Regensburg erected a statue in his honor and to give him the title of savior of his country.

1815 – Married Princess Henriette of Nassau-Weilburg, a great great granddaughter of King George II of England. They had five sons and two daughters.

1822 – He succeeded to the duchy of Saxe-Teschen and became the Duke of Teschen.

1847 – Charles died at Vienna on April 30th and was buried in tomb 122 in the New Vault of the Imperial Crypt in Vienna.