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Charles IX

Born: 1550 AD
Died: 1574 AD
Nationality: French
Categories: King

1550 – Charles IX was born as Charles-Maximilien in the royal chateau at Saint-German-en-Laye on the 27th of June.

1560 – He inherited the throne and was crowned King of France in the cathedral at Reims.

1564 – He was made a knight of the order of the Garter on the 14th of May at St. George’s, Windsor.

1570 – He married Elisabeth of Austria on the 26th of November. He was temporarily under the sway of the French Huguenot leader Gaspard de Coligny.

1572 – He oversaw the massacre of thousands of Huguenots from in and around Paris.

1574 – He died in Vincennes, Val-de-Marne on the 30th of May.