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Chapman, John

Born: 1774 AD
Died: 1845 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Farmer

1774 – Born on September 26th in Leominster, Massachussetts. A missionary nurseryman of the North American frontier who helped prepare the way for 19th-century pioneers by supplying apple-tree nursery stock throughout the Middle West.

1800 – He started collecting apple seeds from cider presses in western Pennsylvania and soon began his long trek westward, planting a series of apple nurseries from the Alleghenies to central Ohio and beyond.

1802 – Chapman began to wander through Pennsylvania and eventually Ohio planting apple nurseries. He was known as being somewhat of an eccentric. Chapman opposed violence of all sorts towards both humans and animals. He was a strict vegetarian.

1806 – Johnny Appleseed didn’t wander the Midwest giving away apple seedlings and seeds, as many believe. Johnny charged about 6 cents for a seedling. But if setters couldn’t pay, they say he would accept cornmeal, old clothes or a promise to pay in the future.

1812 – Chapman spent most of his time in Ohio in Richland County near Mansfield. At one point during the War, Mansfield residents feared an Indian attack. Chapman immediately went to Mount Vernon for assistance. Chapman risked his own life to summon aid for his neighbors in Richland County.

1845 – John Chapman died of pneumonia, often called the ‘winter plague’, on March 18th, at the age of 70, in the home of his old Richland County, OH friend, William Worth.