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Celsius, Anders

Born: 1701 AD
Died: 1744 AD
Nationality: Swedish
Categories: Astronomers

1701 – Born on November 27th in Uppsala, Sweden. A Swedish astronomer who invented the centigrade scale and eponym of Celsius temperature scale.

1730 – He was a professor of Astronomy in the University of Uppsala.

         – He wrote Nova Methodus distantiam solis a terra determinandi, De observationibus pro figura telluris determinanda and besides many less important works.

1733 – At Nuremberg he published a collection of 316 observations of the aurora borealis made by himself and others.

1736 – In Paris he advocated the measurement of an arc of the meridian in Lapland, and took part, in the expedition organized for the purpose by the French Academy.

1741 – Celsius’ participation in this expedition made him famous and was important in his efforts to interest the Swedish authorities in donating the resources necessary to build a modern observatory in Uppsala. He was successful, and the Celsius observatory was ready, equipped with instruments purchased during his long voyage abroad, comprising the most modern instrumental technology at that time.

1742 – He described the centigrade thermometer in a paper read before the Swedish Academy of Sciences.

         – For his meteorological observations he constructed his world famous Celsius thermometer, with 0 for the boiling point of water and 100 for the freezing point.

1744 – His death occurred at Uppsala on the 25th of April.