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Catherine of Braganza

Born: 1638 AD
Died: 1705 AD
Nationality: British
Categories: Queen

1638 – Born in Vila Viçosa on the 25th of November.

1959 – She was seen as a useful conduit for contracting an alliance between Portugal and England, after the Treaty of the Pyrenees.

1662 – She was married by proxy in Lisbon on the 23rd of Apri.l

         – Her arrival at Portsmouth on the 14th of May, the couple were married in two more ceremonies a Catholic one conducted in secret.

1669 – Catherine never gave birth to a live heir, though she had several pregnancies.

1678 – The murder of Sir Edmund Godfrey was ascribed to several of her servants.

1679 – She was defended against the allegations by the king himself.

1685 – She showed anxiety for his reconciliation with the Roman Catholic faith, and exhibited great grief at his death.

1703-1704 – She supported the Treaty of Methuen with England and acted as regent for her brother, Peter II.

1705 – Died at the Bemposta palace in Lisbon on the 31st of December and was buried at the Jeronimous Monastery, Belem, Lisbon.