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1581 – Vincent de Paul was born on the 24th of April, in southern France, about four miles northwest of Dax. 1595 – He went to Dax for about two years as a boarder with the Franciscans to study for the priesthood. 1597 – He pursues university degree in Toulouse, residing at the College de ..

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Vitus was a Christian saint from Sicily, Italy, Roman Empire. He is considered the patron saint of actors, comedians, dancers, and finally epileptics. He also protects against lightnings, animal attacks and oversleeping, and is the patron saint of Bohemia. Vitus is the patron saint of the towns of Forio in Campania, Italy and the town ..

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269 AD – Valentinus, Saint Valentine, a Roman martyr Priest was sentenced to death by cutting the head ordered by Emperor Claudius. Before his head was cut off, he restored the sight of his jailers daughter whom he fell in love with as well.   496 AD – The feast of Sanit Valentine was first ..

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1452 – Born on September 21st in Ferrara, Duchy of Ferrara. Italian Christian preacher, reformer, and martyr, renowned for his clash with tyrannical rulers and a corrupt clergy. 1475 – He left his father’s house and his medical studies, on which he had embarked after taking a degree in the liberal arts, to enter the ..

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69 BC – Polycarp of Smyrna was born.          – Polycarp visited Rome during the time of his fellow Syrian, Anicetus.          – Polycarp following the eastern practice of celebrating Passover on the 14th of Nisan, the day of the Jewish Passover, regardless of what day of the week it fell. 166 BC ..

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