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1919 – He was born in Henan, China    1987 – Became head of the Chinese communist party, a strong advocate of economic modernization.   1950s-1960s – Around these years, he was a senior party official in south China, he was purged during the cultural revolution.   1970s – He returned to political life and holding party ..

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1941 – Born on the 22nd of August.   1967 – He graduated from Warsaw University where he took up Law and Administration.   1972 – Became the Secretary of the Scientific Committee of Historic Siences.   1979 – He was designated as the Deputy Director of People’s Movement.   1980 – Seated as the ..

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1903 – Born on April 19th in Rixdorf. East German wife of Walter Ulbricht. 1919-1921 – She became a member of the Free Socialist Youth movement and the Communist Party (KPD). 1934 – Emigrated with, Erich Wendt, her first husband to Moscow. 1941 – Joined the central committee of the Communist Party. 1953 – Married ..

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1821 – He was born on the 2nd day of May this year in Lexington district, Virginia, United States of America.   1843 – He taught school in rural Virginia before being accepted in this year at the Baltimore Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church as a candidate for the ministry.   1849 – ..

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1944 – He was born on the 28th day of August this year in Tortola.   1999 – He entered politics at a relatively late stage of his career, being first elected to the Legislative Council of the British Virgin Islands in this year, as the head of the newly formed National Democratic Party   ..

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Italian economist and politician   1978-1979 – Italian industry minister   1982-1989, 1993-1994 – Chairman of Instituto per la Riconstruzione Industriale (IRI)   Founded Olive Tree coalition   1996-1998 – Prime minister of Italy   1999-2004 – President of Executive Commission of the European Union   Defeated Silvio Berlusconi by 0.06%   Married to Flavia ..

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