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1913 – John Von Casper "Jack" Wyrtzen was born to Harry M. and Margaret Isabel Wyrtzen.   1929 – Dropped out of high school to support his family during the Great Depression after his father lost his job.  Jack worked as an insurance salesman by day until 1940.  For extra money, Jack played trombone for a ..

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1963 – Born on March 5 in Houston Texas.            – Attended a semester at Oral Roberts University in Oklahoma.   1999 – A week before his father’s death, succeeded his father’s work and became a pastor for Lakewood Church.            – His father, John Osteen, founder of Lakewood Church died ..

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1957 – Born on June 9 in South Charleston, West Virginia is an American televangelist.   1979 – Pastor Jakes opened the doors of his first church located in a storefront facility in Montgomery, WV with only 10 members.   1996 – He founded The Potter’s House with about 50 families as members that had ..

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1720 – John Woolman, born on the 19th of October in Ancocas, New Jersey. He was an itinerant Quaker preacher, traveling throughout the American colonies, advocating against conscription, military taxation, and particularly slavery. 1741 – When he was 21 he went to Mount Holly, where he was a clerk in a store, opened a school ..

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1892 – Born on April 15th in Haarlem, in the Netherlands.          – She also became the first licensed woman watchmaker in the Netherlands. 1940 – On May 10th, Nazi armies invaded the Netherlands. German soldiers, having overtaken the country, inundated ten Boom’s Haarlem.          – With family, helped shelter Jews from Nazis ..

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