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1856 – Born in the Smith Valley area southeast of Carson City, Nevada. 1870 – He was taken in by David Wilson, who was a rancher in the Yerington, Nevada area.          – Wovoka gained a reputation as a powerful shaman early in adulthood as he was adept at magic tricks.          – ..

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1909 – Born on the 3rd of February in Paris, France. 1931 – After graduating from the École Normale Supérieure, she taught philosophy in several girls’ schools. 1934 – She took a job in an auto factory, where she observed the spiritually deadening effect of machines on her fellow workers. 1940 – Born Jewish, she ..

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1509 – Juan de Valdes was born. 1528 – Juan, who probably studied at the university of Alcala, first appears as the anonymous author of a politico-religious Diálogo de Mercurio y Caron, written and published. 1531 – He removed to Rome, where his criticisms of papal policy were condoned. 1533 – On the 12th of ..

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French anthropologist, Jesuit clergyman, paleontologist, and theologian   ordained Jesuit priest 1911   co-discovered Peking Man 1929   interpreted biological evolution as concurrent with divine creation, with endpoint of evolution corresponding to second coming of Christ   identified human consciousness as evolutionary catalyst, while identifying entropy with evil and sin   wrote "Phenomenon of Man" ..

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