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1935 – Warren Zimmermann was born. 1956 – He completed his secondary education at Deerfield Academy and graduated from Yale University. 1989 – He served as the US Ambassador to Yugoslavia until its termination in 1992. 1992 – His last official act before he was recalled to the United States on the 16th day of ..

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1503 – Birth of English diplomat and poet. 1516 – Served under Henry VIII as ‘Sewer Extraordinary’.         – Studied at St John’s College of the University of Cambridge. 1521 – Married Elizabeth Brooke. 1527 – Captured by the armies of Emperor Charles V after Rome’s capture. 1535 – Knighted. 1536 – Imprisoned in the ..

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1918 – Born in Nbawsi, Isiala Ngwa North Local Government Area of Abia State, Nigeria on Tuesday Ist January.  1939-1943 – Jaja Wachuku was Secretary of the Association of Students of African Descent (ASAD) in Ireland. Wachuku was the First African Laureate in Oratory of the Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. 1941 – He was elected ..

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1928 – Born on the 23rd of April in Santa Monica, California.   1931 – Began dance classes at Meglin’s Dance School in Hollywood at the age of 3. Her film career began when a casting director from Educational Pictures visited her class and invited her to an audition. Eventually, she signed to a contract ..

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1916 – Born on the 24th of June in Mechanicsburg, Ohio, U.S.A. 1940 – He received his Bachelor’s degree at Ohio State University.         – He served in the United States Army during World War II. 1947 – He served as Ohio State Representative. 1948 – H received his Doctor of Law degree at Ohio State ..

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