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1867 – Born in Millville, Indiana.     1870 – They moved to Dayton and Orville was born.     1880-1890 – Published a newspaper and formed the Wright Cycle Company (provider of bicycles) alongside his brother.     1896 – Learned about the early European experiments in sustained flights and caught the interest of ..

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1932 – He was born on the 6th day of June this year on Randolph Air Force Base, after which he was named near San Antonio, Texas.   1962 – He was educated at Texas Military Institute and West Point. He received both an S.M. degree in Aeronautics/Astronautics and the degree of Engineer in Aeronautics/Astronautics ..

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1927 – He was born on the 23rd day of January this year in Erie, Pennsylvania. He graduated from the University of Iowa with a Bachelor’s degree in economics, and from Georgia Tech with a Bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering.   1945 – He enlisted in the U.S. Army and served in the Army Air ..

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1891 – Oswald Boelcke was born in Giebichenstein, on the 19th of May. German aviator.          – He joined Telegraphen-Bataillon Nr. 3 in Koblenz as a Fahnenjunker (cadet officer). 1914 – Transferred to the Fliegertruppe in May.          – He received his pilot’s training at the school of the Halberstadt firm. He passed ..

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