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1847 – Born on the 5th of September in Clay County, Missouri United States of America.   1863 – At the age of sixteen he joined the Quantrill’s Raiders an irregular guerrilla group of the Civil War.   1866 – He joined the gang who first armed robbery of a bank in peacetime, holding up ..

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US gunfighter, dentist and gambler, friend of Wyatt Earp.   1851 – Born- August 15th, Griffin, Georgia   1881 – fought alongside Wyatt Earp, Morgan Earp, and Virgil Earp in gunfight at O. K. Corral. grazed by bullet but survived. &nb..

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1848 – Born on the 19th of March at Monmouth, Illinois U.S.A.   1865 – He works as a "stagecoach" driver (a type of four-wheeled enclosed passenger and drawn by four horses).     1868 – He became a "teamster" driver (a person who drove a team of cows).           – He became ..

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