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Brenda Hollingsworth is a personal injury lawyer based in Ottawa, Canada. She is a founding partner in the law firm of Auger Hollingsworth. Brenda is married to her law partner, Richard Auger. They have two young sons and live in Ottawa, Canada. Education   1995 – Bachelor of Laws Degree (LL.B.) graduating Magna Cum Laude from ..

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Dr. Andrej Poleev is a russian scientist-polymath, whose expertise spans a significant number of different areas of knowledge beginning from molecular biology and neurobiology, across natural philosophy, psychoanalysis, linguistics and cultural studies, up to fundamental questions of physics and cosmology. Andrej Poleev was born 30 September 1965 in a russian town Novotroizk. After 10 years of ..

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Education Ranganathan’s education was initiated on Vijayadasami day in October, 1897 with Aksharabyasam at Ubhayavedanthapuram near Shiyali. After this, Ranganathan was admitted to a school in Shiyali, and was handed to the care of Subba Ayyar, a brother of his maternal grandfather and a primary school teacher. During his school days, Ranganathan came under the ..

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·         Born in Tripolis, Arcadia, Greece. ·         Ph.D. in Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Akron. ·         Master of Engineering, Youngstown State University. ·         Master of Business Administration, University of Indianapolis. ·         Bachelor of Engineering (Cum Laude), Youngstown State University. ·         Employed by Hellenic National Meteorological Service, Division of Climatology-Applications. ·         Current research interests include ..

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