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1844 – Born on February 20th in Annapolis County, Nova Scotia, Canada. Canadian seaman and adventurer who was the first man in recorded history to sail around the world singlehandedly. 1865 – He became a naturalized American citizen and settled in San Francisco. 1887 – His ship got wrecked and sold it to pay off ..

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1676 – Born in Largo, Fife, Scotland. Scottish sailor who was the prototype of the marooned traveler in Daniel Defoe’s novel Robinson Crusoe. 1695 – Selkirk ran away to sea and he joined a band of buccaneers in the Pacific. 1703 – Was sailing master of a galley on a privateering expedition. 1704 – After ..

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1975 – Born on the 16th of September in Hadera, Israel. 1995 – He won the ASA Boardsailing Championship in Eilat, Israel. 1996 – Won an Olympic bronze medal for windsurfing, and was named Israeli Sportsman of the Year. 1999 – He won the International ASA Windsurfing Championship in Eilat. 2000 – He did not ..

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