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Roy Richard Reyer was born in Chicago Il, on November 27, 1954 Parents were Joseph C. Reyer (Chicago, Il) and Virginia A Reyer (Luxemburg). Roy was the oldest of two children (Ronald R. Reyer 1959). Roy has one daughter, Erin Renee Reyer (1982) The Reyer family moved from Chicago Il to Belleville NJ in 1960 ..

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  Richard Sharp was once described as being possibly the most popular man living in Regency London. He rose from the ranks of being a humble hatter to becoming a prosperous merchant, poet, critic and a ‘force for change’. He achieved dizzying success in numerous areas of his life and counted among his personal friends most ..

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http://wheelierecord.tripod.com/ Roberts BIO: Born : May 8th 1969 Robert M. Hensel was born with a birth defect know as Spina bifida. A disability that has not stopped him from achieving success in his life. Robert serves as an advocate for the disabled, an on going effort to better the rights of all Americans with disabilities. ..

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