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1842 – Born on the 21st of September was the 34th sultan of the Ottoman Empire. 1876 – Succeeded to the throne following the deposition of his brother Murad V on 31st of August. 1890 – Armenians began clamoring to obtain the reforms which were promised at Berlin. 1892-1893 – Unrest occurred in Merzifon and ..

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1494 – Born in Trabzon on the 6th of November.   1522 – Suleiman dispatched an armada of some four hundred ships whilst personally leading an army of 100,000 across Asia Minor to a point opposite the island.   1526 – Hungary and the Ottoman Empire deteriorated, Suleiman resumed his campaign in Eastern Europe and ..

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1946 – Hassanal Bolkiah was born on the 15th of July in Brunei Town, Brunei, the eldest son of Omar Ali Saifuddin III, the previous sultan.          – Received high school education in Malaysia’s premier school Victoria Institution in Kuala Lumpur. 1961 – He crown as prince. 1967 – He became sultan on the ..

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1029 – Alp Arslan was born in the province of Khurasan. 1059 – Succeeded his father as Governor of Khorasan. 1064 – He became Sultan of Great Seljuk and became sole monarch of Persia. 1068 – Invaded the Byzantime Empire. At the Battle of Manzikert, the Byzantines were defeated and Emperor Romanus IV was taken ..

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1673 – Ahmed III was born on December 30, 1673, son of Sultan Mehmed IV. 1703 – Became Sultan of the Ottoman Empire after the abdication of his brother Mustafa II. 1709 – Awarded refuge for Charles XII of Sweden after the Swedish were defeated by Peter I of Russia. 1730 – On September 20, ..

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