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1826 – Born on April 2nd in Meiningen, Saxe-Meiningen (now in Germany). The duke of Saxe-Meiningen, theatrical director and designer who developed many of the basic principles of modern acting and stage design. 1866 – Saxe-Meiningen early studied art and established his own court theatre group, which he served as producer, director, financial backer, and ..

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1650 – William III of Orange was born at The Hague on 4th November. He was the posthumous son of William II of Orange and of Mary Stuart, the eldest daughter of Charles I and Henrietta Maria of France. His grieving mother had given birth to him in a chamber draped with black mourning. 1689 ..

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1765 – William Henry Hanover, born on the 21st of August in Buckingham Palace, London, England. He was the son of King George III and Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. He was so delighted to become king, on the death of his brother George IV, that he drove round London personally greeting his new subjects. 1779 – ..

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1769 – He was born this year in Dublin.He is most famous for, together with Blücher, defeating Napoleon at Waterloo.   1814 – The titles of Duke of Wellington and Marquess Douro were bestowed upon Arthur Wellesley, 1st Marquess of Wellington, on May 11 of this year.   1815 – The Dukes of Wellington also ..

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907 – Wenceslaus was born near Prague, in Bohemia (Czechoslovakia). Bohemian duke and saint. 920 – He  gained the throne at the age of thirteen. 935 – On September 28th, as Wenceslaus was going to Mass, Boleslas attacked him with a sword. The brothers struggled, but three other rebels rushed up and killed the king. ..

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