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1889 – Born in Braunau, Austria; it was the birth of a German Nazi dictator, orator, and politician   1907 – Went to Vienna to fulfill his dream of becoming an artist but he failed in his exam to the Academy of Fine Arts   1913 – Immigrated to Bavaria.   1914-1918 – Fought in ..

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1897 – Born on the 4th of February in Fürth, Germany. 1913 – He was a commercial apprentice. 1916 – He joined the German forces during World War I as a artilleryman. 1918 – He fought in Romania and was seriously injured near Ypres, Belgium. 1925 – He became executive in his parents’ company. 1928 ..

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1815 – Born on the 1st of April in Schönhausen, Altmark, Prussia. German Prussian politician.          – Educated at the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Gymnasium and the Graues Kloster-Gymnasium. 1832 – At age 17, he joined the Georg August University of Göttingen. 1847 – He attended the Prussian United Diet, where his speeches against Jewish emancipation and contemporary ..

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