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1983 – Born on September 29th in Torquay, Devon, England. British model turned actress and entrepreneur. 2000 – Entered the Daily Star competition.          – Lauren Pope appeared on the front page of the newspapers for the first time when she was spotted dancing with Prince Harry in a nightclub. 2007 – Starred in ..

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1976 – Born on July 25th in Great Falls, Montana. American pornographic actress. 1989 – She became a model for the Ford Modeling Agency, took a break to obtain a degree in nursing, and then returned to modeling — spicier modeling, which evolved into softcore and eventually pornography. 1994 – She quit modeling and returned ..

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1984 – Born on September 19th in Wilton, Connecticut. American heiress and model.          – Lydia is heir to William Randolph Hearst’s media empire, which amounts to roughly $5 billion in annual revenue.          – Daughter of Patricia Hearst, the granddaughter of Randolph Hearst, and the sister of Gillian Hearst-Shaw. 2004 – Her ..

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1974 – Born on March 19th in Havana, Cuba. Cuban-American model. 1994 – She developed into a bright, beautiful young woman and began getting involved in dance and some modeling, strutting around in a G-string when she was 18 for a fashion show in her hometown of Perth Amboy.          – Worked as a ..

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El Cantante Movie Screening at the New York International Latino Film Festival

1986 – Born on May 28th in Puerto Rico. American top model.          – Graduated from Notre Dame High School for Girls in Chicago.          – She had been represented by Avant Garde Models and had appeared in fashion shows for local Chicago designers, including Alexis Arquette.          – Won America’s Next ..

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1983 – Born on October 5th in New York, New York. American fashion model, socialite and heiress to a part of Hilton Hotel chain. 2000 – Has been a handbag designer since she was seventeen. 2004 – Married to Todd Meister on August 15th and was annulled on November 9th. 2005 – Dyed her hair ..

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