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1883 – Born on April 25th in Furmanka, South Ukraine. Soviet military commander. 1903 – He joined the army of the Russian Empire. 1918 – Organized a Red Cavalry force in the Don region. 1935 – He became one of the first five Marshals of the Soviet Union. 1937 – He commanded the Moscow Military ..

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1784 – Born on October 15th in Limoges. French Marshal. 1804 – He became a private soldier in the Vélites of the Imperial Guard. 1806 – He was given a commission, and as a sub-lieutenant he served in the Jena and Eylau campaigns. 1808 – He was in the first French corps which entered Spain, ..

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1883 – Born on June 23rd in Bagnères-de-Bigorre, France. British field marshal. 1914-1918 – He fought in the First World War, where he was mentioned in dispatches six times.          – He was decorated with the Distinguished Service Order (D.S.O.) and bar. 1929 – He was Commandant of the School of Artillery. 1932 – ..

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1894 – Born on July 14th in Ontario, Canada. Royal Canadian Air Force officer. 1915 – Breadner entered military service with the Royal Naval Air Service.          – Breadner left the family business in Ottawa to enlist in the Royal Naval Air Service. 1922 – After the conclusion of World War One, he left ..

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1742 – Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher was born on the 16th of December in Rostock, Mecklenburg, Germany. German marshal against Napoleon. 1786 – He was reinstated as a major in his old regiment. 1787 – Blücher took part in the expedition to the Netherlands. 1788 – He was promoted to lieutenant colonel. 1789 – Received ..

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