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1873 – Born on the 20th of July in Brazil. 1891 – His father had an accident while inspecting some machinery. 1898 – Flew his first balloon design, the Brésil. 1898-1905 – He built and flew 11 dirigibles. With air traffic control restrictions still decades in the future, he would glide along Paris boulevards at ..

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1747 – Born on February 28th in West Springfield, Massachusetts. American horse breeder and composer.          – Justin Morgan was most famous in history for the horse which founded the Morgan breed of horses.          – He composed 18th century musical rendition of poetry and psalms known as figuring tunes of psalmody. 1774 ..

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1907 – Born on June 11th in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvannia. American philanthropist and museum administrator. 1935 – Married to Mary Conover Brown. 1948 – Married to Rachel Lambert Llyod. 1963 – He was the president of National Gallery of Art. 1966 – Mellon donated $35M in artwork plus $12M to Yale University, forming the Yale Center ..

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