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1906 – Born on February 28th in Brooklyn, New York. American gambling businessman and gangster.          – Took over the construction of the Flamingo Hotel & Casino from the original developer, and promptly ran up massive cost overruns. The fact that most of the money he was spending was mob money, and that much ..

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1879 – Sai Wing Mock, born this year. He was a New York Chinese criminal and leader of the Hip Sing Tong, who replaced the On Leong Tong as the dominant Chinese-American Tong in the Manhattan Chinatown 1890 – Arrived in the United States, settling in New York’s Chinatown where he formed the Hip Sing ..

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1910 – Carmine Galante was born on February 21st in an East Harlem tenement. 1930 – Was arrested in connection with the murder of a police officer during a payroll robbery, but the charges were dropped for lack of evidence. 1945 – He married his childhood sweetheart, Helen Marulli, in the Church of Our Lady ..

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1915 – Born on June 26th in Brooklyn, New York. American organized crime leader. 1934 – He was imprisoned for three month for armed robbery. 1937 – Married to the sister in law of Carlo Gambino. 1976 – Appointed as the new mafia boss after Gambino. 1985 – Died on December 16th in Manhattan, New ..

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1943 – Brown was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on the 4th of October. 1967-1968 – He became chairman of Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. 1969 – He changed name to Student National Coordinating Committee. 1970 – He disappeared to avoid standing trial for allegedly inciting riot in Cambridge, Maryland. 1972 – He was arrested for ..

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