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1882 – Born in Vienna of Jewish parentage on the 30th of March. 1919 – She became a psychoanalyst and began analysing children. 1921 – She moved to Berlin where she studied with and was analysed by Karl Abraham. 1926 – her innovative work, British psychoanalyst Ernest Jones invited Klein to come to London.   ..

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1875 – Carl Jung born on the 26th of July in Kesswil, Switzerland. The founder of analytical psychology. 1895 – 1900 – He studied at the University of Basel and Zürich. 1902 – After a stint at the University Psychiatric Clinic in Zürich, Jung worked under Eugen Bleuler at the Burgholzli Clinic. 1906 – He ..

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US (Belgian-born) administrator and chemist   provost of Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1985-1990   under secretary of defense for acquisition and technology 1993-1994   deputy secretary of defense 1994-1995   director of CIA 1995-1996   investigated for allegedly placing classified information on unclassified government computers at his home   pardoned by Bill Cl..

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1874 – Abraham Arden was born in Austria. American psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and translator. 1901-1903 – He entered and graduated from New York University and received his M.D. from Columbia University. 1887-1889 – He came to the United States alone at the age of 13 and emigrated at age 15. 1908 – He returned to the ..

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