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  Richard Sharp was once described as being possibly the most popular man living in Regency London. He rose from the ranks of being a humble hatter to becoming a prosperous merchant, poet, critic and a ‘force for change’. He achieved dizzying success in numerous areas of his life and counted among his personal friends most ..

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1785 – Born in Wolcott, Connecticut. An American clockmaker. 1800 – Seth attempted to set up a clock-making industry in Wolcott. He made his first clock in his family’s house off of Spindle Hill Road. 1807 – He started out as a woodworker invited to manufacture clocks in partnership with Eli Terry and Silas Hoadley. ..

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1831 – He was born near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on March 12th. American manufacturer who founded a family firm that became the world’s largest producer of horse-drawn vehicles and a leader in automobile manufacturing. 1850-1852 – Studebaker started a blacksmith and wagon shop in South Bend with his brother Henry, doing business under the name of ..

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  1829 – The German-born American clothing manufacturer was born on the 26th day of February this year in Buttenheim in Franconia, he was Lob Strauss in real life.   1847 – He, his mother and two sisters moved to New York City to join his brothers Jonas and Louis Lob in their dry goods ..

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1829 – Born on June 5th in Dufftown, Banffshire, Scotland. Canadian financier and railroad builder. 1850 – He emigrated to Canada and became a manufacturer. 1876 – Was president of the Bank of Montreal. 1881-1888 – With his cousin, Lord Strathcona, and others, including James J. Hill, he helped to construct the Canadian Pacific Railway, ..

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1862 – Born on April 18th in Williamsburg, Pennsylvania. An American manufacturer and the founder of Bethlehem Steel. 1880 – He went to work for the Edgar Thomson Steel Works at the age of 18 and rose rapidly. 1883 – Married to Emma Eurania Dinkey. 1892 – He was superintendent, first of the Edgar Thomson, ..

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