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1454 – Amerigo Vespucci, born on the 9th of March in Florence, Italy, as the third child of a respected family. He was a child of the Renaissance and the Scientific Revolution. The Vespucci family had been prominent for over a century, with family members holding important positions in the city’s government. These family connections ..

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1512 – Born in the Flemish town of Rupelmonde on the 5th of March. 1552 – He lived in Duisburg. 1535-1536 – They worked together to construct a terrestrial globe, although the role of Mercator in the project was not primarily as a cartographer, but as a highly skilled engraver of brass plates. 1537 – ..

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1730 – Thomas Hutchins was born. 1766 – He was officially assigned to duty as an engineer in the British army, gradually becoming the most respected surveyor and map maker in the colonies. 1768 – He took part in expeditions spanning the west from the northern reaches of the Mississippi Valley to New Orleans. 1776 ..

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1728 – He was born this year.   1745 – He left home to be apprenticed in a grocery/haberdashery in the fishing village of Staithes.   1755 – He was offered command of this vessel, but within the month, he volunteered for service in the British Royal Navy.   1757 – He was quickly promoted ..

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1571 – Born in Uitgeest or Alkmaar, a Dutch cartographer and atlas maker. 1594-1596 – Student of the Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe, and he qualified as an instrument and globe maker. 1599 – He founded one of history’s greatest cartographic publishing firms.          – Using skills learned from the celebrated Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe, ..

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