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Masood Vatandoust was born in Esfahan, Iran in 1954. After high school, Masood moved to England in 1974. He studied Mechanical Engineering and Electronics Engineering at Birmingham Polytechnic and Central London Polytechnic. He graduated in 1980 and then worked for an engineering company in England from 1980 to 1990.   In 1991, Masood and his ..

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1970 – Born on the 26th of February.   1991-1994 – He became the auditor of KPMG.            – He became the treasurer of the Swindon Conservative Association.   1995 – The senior financial analyst of Intel Corporation Ltd. after qualifying as a chartered accountant.   1997 – Become the finance manager.   ..

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1611 – John Webb was born in Butley in Somerset and became son-in-law and personal assistant to fellow architect and theatre designer Inigo Jones from having married his neice Anne. 1654 – 1668 – He also designed the rebuild of Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire and made alterations to Northumberland House. 1654 – He designed the ..

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1950 – Amyas was elected to the Board of Directors of the Long Island Biological Association (now the CSHL Association), the supporting body of the Biological Laboratory.    1952-1958 – He became the president of the Board of Directors of the Long Island Biological Association.    1970-1983 – Chairman of the Board of New York ..

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