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Cassin, Rene Samuel

Born: 1887 AD
Died: 1976 AD
Nationality: French
Categories: Humanitarian, Politician

1887 – Born on October 5th in Bayonne, France. French jurist, humanitarian, and internationalist.

1914 – He joined the French Army.

         – He was a counsel at the Court of Paris, was brought to an end when he was inducted into the infantry.

         – He took first place in the competitive examination given by the Law Faculty and received the doctorate in juridical, economic, and political sciences.

1916 – Severely wounded by German shrapnel, he survived, but only because his mother, serving as a nurse in the field hospital to which he had been carried, persuaded the doctors to perform surgery.

         – Entered upon his career as a professor of law at Aix.

1918 – He founded the French Federation of Disabled War Veterans (L’Union fédérale des associations des mutilés et d’anciens combattants).

1920 – He moved to a professorship in law at Lille.

1926 – He founded and until the outbreak of World War II was the permanent reporter for the International Conference of Associations of Disabled War Veterans [Conference internationale des associations de mutilés et d’anciens combattants].

1929 – Seated to the chair of fiscal and civil law at the University of Paris, where he remained until his retirement from formal teaching.

1942 – Became a member of the Permanent Conference of Allied Ministers of Education.

1944 – He was vice-president of the Council of State, a body which exercises ultimate jurisdiction in cases involving administrative personnel and administrative law.

1945 – He became president of the Council of the National School of Administration [Conseil de l’école nationale d’administration].

1948 – He was the one most responsible for the draft of the Declaration of Human Rights approved by the General Assembly on December 10th.

1950 – He was president of the Court of Arbitration at The Hague.

1960 – He was the president of the French National Overseas Center of Advanced Studies [Centre national des hautes-études de la France d’outre-mer].
1968 – He was a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

1976 – Died on February 20th in Paris, France.