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Carty, John Joseph

Born: 1861 AD
Died: 1932 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Engineers

1861 – John Joseph Carty was born at Cambridge, MA, on the 14th of April.

1879 – Carty entered the service of the Bell Telephone Co, when the telephone had just been invented. His first work was in Boston, MA. He received a job as operator in the Boston exchange, at five dollars a week.

1881 – Carty had demonstrated the advantage of two-wire telephone circuits, and subsequently acquired two dozen telephone patents.

1887 – Carty took charge of the cable department of the Western Electric Co. in the East, with headquarters in New York City.

1889 – Carty entered the service of the Metropolitan Telephone and Telegraph Co. (then New York Telephone Co.), for the purpose of organizing all the technical departments, building up its technical staff, and reconstructing the entire plant of the company -converting it from grounded circuits, overhead and series switchboards to metallic circuits placed underground and to bridging switchboards.

         – Carty made an exhaustive investigation into the nature of the disturbances to which telephone lines are subjected, and gave the first public account of his work in a paper entitled, "A New View of Telephone Induction," read before the Electric Club of New York city on the 21st of November.

1891 – In March, Carty made additional contributions to the knowledge of this subject in a paper before the American Institute of Electrical Engineers.

1909 – On a visit to the West Coast, Mr. Carty made a promise: that transcontinental telephone service would be available in time for the opening of the Panama Canal.

         – He was a member of the Society for the Promotion of Engineering Education, the Society for the Promotion of Industrial Education, the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, the New York Electrical Society, and the Society of Arts.

1916-1928 – He received many honors throughout his life, among them the Franklin Medal, the Edison Medal of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, and the John Fritz Medal.

1932 – John Joseph Carty died on the 27th of December.