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Carroll, John

Born: 1735 AD
Died: 1815 AD

1735 – He was born this year in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.


1753 – He joined the Society of Jesus.


1755 – He began his studies of philosophy and theology at Liège, and after fourteen years (1769) was ordained priest at the age of thirty-four.


1772 – He traveled through Europe as preceptor, with the son of Lord Stourton. Upon his return to England he was, for a short time the guest and chaplain of Lord Arundell at Wardour Castle.


1783 – When the war was over Carroll and five other priests met at White marsh, Md., on the 27th day of June this year, to discuss ways and means to carry on their missionary work and hold their property intact.


1791 – He held the First Synod of Baltimore, attended by twenty-two priests of five nationalities.


1793 – For the first time, Bishop Carroll conferred Holy orders, the recipient being the Rev. Stephen Badin, the first priest ordained within the limits of the original thirteen of the United States.

1795 – He ordained to the priesthood Prince Demetrius Gallitzin who was to add 6,000 converts to his flock.


1815 – He had to decline the proffered honor of laying the corner-stone of Washington’s Monument in Baltimore, in the autumn of this year. He died this year in Baltimore.