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Carroll, John Albert

Born: 1901 AD
Died: 1983 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Senator

1901 – He was born on the 30th of July in Denver, US.A.   

1918 – He served in the United States Army during World War I.   

1929 – He graduated Doctor of Law in Westminster Law School.   

1933 – He became Assistant United States Attorneys.   

         – He served as a District Attorney of Denver.   

1942 – He became regional attorney for the Office of Price Administration.   

1943 – He served as a Commissioned officers in the United States Army During World War II.   

1947 – He was elected as a Democratic representative to the 80th and 81st Congresses.   

1950 – He was an unsuccessful candidate for the United States Senate.   

1956 – He was elected to the United States senate.   

1962 – He was unsuccessful candidate in the United States Senate.  

1983 – He died on the 31st of August.