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Canaris, Wilhelm Franz

Born: 1887 AD
Died: 1945 AD
Nationality: German
Categories: Admiral

1887 – Born in Aplerbeck, near Dortmund, in Westphalia, on the 1st of January, the son of wealthy industrialist Carl Canaris and his wife Auguste.

         – German admiral, head of military intelligence (Abwehr) under the Nazi regime and a key participant in the resistance of military officers to Adolf Hitler.

1905 – Canaris joined the German Imperial Navy.

1906 – During World War I, he had become an officer serving on board the SMS Dresden as intelligence officer.

1919 – Married Erika Waag, also the child of an industrialist and they had two daughters.

1931 – He was promoted as Captain.

1933 – After Adolf Hitler’s rise to power, he was made head of the Abwehr.

1935 – Promoted to Rear Admiral.

         – He was made chief of the Abwehr [military intelligence].

         – He made contacts with Spain to organize a German spy network in Spain.

1937 – Still he was a supporter of Hitler.

1942 – Visited Spain frequently and was probably in contact with British agents from Gibraltar.

1943-1944 – Abwehr was put under constant surveillance, but Canaris was not dismissed until February.

         – Secretly met Allied agents in occupied France.

         – He was arrested shortly after the attempt on Hitler’s life, though he was not directly involved in the plot.

1945 – He died of execution on April 9th in Flossenbürg concentration camp.