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Camus, Albert

Born: 1913 AD
Died: 1960 AD
Nationality: Algerian
Categories: Authors, Novelists, Philosophers, Playwrights, Writers

1913 – Born on the 7th of November in Mondovi, Algeria to a French Algerian (pied noir) settler family. His mother was of Spanish extraction. His father, Lucien, died in the Battle of the Marne during the First World War, while serving as a member of the Zouave infantry regiment. He was an Algerian-French author and philosopher.


1923 – Was accepted into the lycée and eventually to the University of Algiers.


1930 – Contracted tuberculosis, which put an end to his football (soccer) activities (he had been a goalkeeper for the university team) and forced him to make his studies a part-time pursuit.


1957 – Second youngest recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature (after Rudyard Kipling) when he received the award.


1960 – Died on the 4th of January, in a car accident near Sens, in a place named "Le Grand Fossard" in the small town of Villeblevin. In his coat pocket lay an unused train ticket. It is possible that Camus had planned to travel by train, but decided to go by car instead.