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Cakste, Janis

Born: 1859 AD
Died: 1927 AD
Nationality: Latvian
Categories: Nationalist, Politician

1859 – Janis Eakste was born on the 14th of September in Lielsesava, Latvia.

1886 – He finished law in Moscow University, and became a lawyer and political activist in Latvia.

1906 – He was elected to Duma, the parliament of the Russian Empire where he promoted the idea of autonomy for Latvia.

1918 – He became the president of Latvia’s People’s Council (Tautas Padome).

1922 – Eakste was elected as a president for Latvia.

1925 – He was reelected for a second term as the president for Latvia.

1927 – He died on the 14th of March in Riga, Latvia.

         – He was a member of Latvian academic union "Austrums".