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Cagliostro, Alessandro di

Born: 1743 AD
Died: 1795 AD
Nationality: Italian
Categories: Thief

1743 – Alessandro di Cagliostro was born on the 2nd of June.

         – He became well known in Naples and later Rome, where he met and married his wife Lorenza Feliciani.

         – He prosecuted in the affair of the diamond necklace, which involved Louis XVI of France and Marie Antoinette, and was imprisoned in France for fraud.

         – He left England to visit Rome, where he met two people who asked him to initiate them into the Egyptian Rite.

1789 – On the 27th of December, he was arrested and imprisoned in the Castel Sant’Angelo.

         – He was sentenced to death on the charge of being a Mason. The Pope changed his sentence, to life imprisonment in the Castel Sant’Angelo.

1975 – He was relocated to the Fortress of San Leo where he died on 26th of August.